Privacy and Cookies Policy


The privacy policy explains what personal information we collect when you visit the website and how we use your data.


We are exempt from obtaining a Data Protection Register Number because we only process personal data for core business purposes, namely email addresses and IP addresses. The email address is optional, it is used to maintain member accounts so that users can optionally review and comment on content that is published on the Website. If users do not want to review or comment they do not need to provide an email address to register a member account to use the Website/Services.

We endeavour to comply with all other aspects of the UK GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that are applicable to this website.

You can contact us by emailing us at, or by post at 3/2 90 Mavisbank Gardens, Glasgow, G51 1HQ, UK.


All visitors to our Website
We record information about how visitors interact with our website and use this data with a 3rd party service, Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics to help us to better understand what content and products visitors want. We do not use analytics data to attempt to track or identify individuals.

To protect the security and integrity of the website we record your IP address.

Our website is hosted within the United Kingdom.

Registered Users
If you register to create a member account with us we ask for a valid email address that belongs to you so that we can confirm your registration. This email address can also be used if you forget your password, so that we can email you a link to reset your password. To log in to your member account you can also optionally use your email address as an alternative to your username.

We do not currently email our registered users for any other purpose. If this situation changes in the future, for example to send registered users a website newsletter or marketing material, we will first obtain your consent to opt in to receive such emails.

We do not sell, rent, share or exchange your email address to/with any 3rd party, either inside or outside the United Kingdom and have no plans to do so in the future.

If we move our hosting outside of the United Kingdom, or offer new website services in the future where transferring your personal data (email address, IP address) outside the United Kingdom is required, we will first obtain your consent.

We keep your personal data for as long as you hold a member account with us. If you close your member account or ask us to delete it for you, your account and all information associated with your account will be permanently deleted.


We use cookies in the following ways:

  • During log in to the website and to detect that you are logged in.
  • To analyse how our website is used (with Google Analytics).
  • 3rd party plugins/widgets that we have installed to provide enhanced or back end functionality may use cookies when you interact with them.

You can read more about our use of cookies below.


You have statutory rights relating to any of your personal data that we hold. Find out more at the ICO website here.

You can check or update your personal details by logging into your account at


Our Website lists football (soccer) events that are located inside or outside the EEA (European Economic Area), along with widgets/links that allow you to connect to a third party booking partner Sports Events 365 who themselves are based in Israel. The third party booking partner will allow you to book ticket(s) for your chosen football (soccer) event.

When you click these widgets/links we do not transfer your personal data (email or IP address) to the third party booking partner, since there is no integration between your account and any account that you may have registered with the booking partner. Indeed you do not even need to register a member account to click on these widgets/links. However if you make a booking with the partner, at this point they will collect some personal data and an email address.

We currently have an contractual agreement with the following third party booking partners:



This privacy and cookies policy does not cover other websites that we may link to from this website, including our third party booking partner.


This policy was last reviewed and updated on 12 November 2022.


If you have any questions or complaints about our data privacy and cookies policy or personal data that we may hold about you please use our contact form or contact us by email at


We use “cookies” as part of a normal business procedure. Cookies are small text files that are created by a web server and stored on your computer when you visit a website. The website that created the cookie can read the contents when you are at their website.

Many websites use cookies to improve your browsing experience e.g. remember your login details, record which items you have selected to purchase, or even tailor what content is displayed depending on your preferences. Cookies can also be used to record ‘analytics’ data i.e. which web pages you visit, whether or not you arrived at the web page by clicking on an advertisement or an affiliated website. Many websites find the collection of analytics data valuable in improving the quality and content of their web sites.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • To store your authentication details when logging in to the website. The cookies store your user name and password as hashed data so you don’t have to worry about someone gleaning your username and password by reading the cookie data. A hash is the result of a specific mathematical formula applied to some input data (in this case your user name and password, respectively). It’s quite hard to reverse a hash (bordering on practical infeasibility with today’s computers). This means it is very difficult to take a hash and “unhash” it to find the original input data.
  • To track that you are logged in to the website, so that we can serve up the features only available to logged in users, and to save you from having to log in every time you visit the website. The cookies are used to bypass the password entry portion of a login event. If the website recognises that you have valid, non-expired cookies, you go directly to the logged in interface. If you don’t have the cookies (because you had logged out or you are a newly registered member), or they’re expired, or in some other way invalid (like you edited them manually for some reason), the website will require you to log in again, in order to obtain new cookies.
  • To record analytics data. This data is captured anonymously, aggregated and made available to us (and only us) via the Google Analytics tools. We use this data to analyse how visitors interact with our website. This helps us to continually improve our website by allowing us to better understand what content and events visitors want.
  • 3rd party plugins/widgets that track your interaction with them, for example, to record and remember your rating for a particular football (soccer) event.
  • 3rd party plugins that track user behaviour to protect the security and integrity of the website, for example, to track blacklisted IP addresses, to provide anti-spam protection.

All the major browsers allow you to block cookies and delete those that have already been created on your computer, usually within the ‘Tools’ section of the browser. Here you will also be able to view all cookies that are currently active for These tools allow you to specify which cookies you will accept by type and often by specific websites using an exception list e.g. you can block all cookies and then list the website from which you will accept cookies.